Meet Steve & Jada

Meet Steve & Jada

We live our story everyday as we open our doors, our business, and our lasting friendship to current and future clients – it’s what we love, it’s what we do. “The perfect match.”

We are both athletic, love the water, love real estate, and happened to watch the solar eclipse on the same boat owned by Jada’s brother. That’s where it happened … the beginning of “The Perfect Match.”

Steve lived 4 doors down from Jada’s brother. He and Jada had met a couple of times through her brother. Jada, a successful real estate agent was running late and when she arrived to view the solar eclipse, the cute fireman, as Jada referred to him, was next to the only open seat left on the boat. Together, they headed out to view the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. They spent the day laughing and talking, and as everyone was leaving to head home, they headed out to dinner.

We’ve never really left each other’s side since. They bought a boat, got engaged, got married, and are now starting the Steve and Jada Real Estate Team.

When they shared their relationship with others, Jada’s brother, not surprised, said “well you are exactly alike so why wouldn’t it happen?”

We are both go-getters and competitive, we love the water, and we love each other. Not only are we the perfect match to each other, but we love extending that relationship to ensure a perfect match with our current and potential real estate clients.